Wi-fi woes

Rygana Samuels, chairperson of the Mitchell’s Plain Network Opposing Abuse

We applied for additional lines and wi-fi in order to streamline our work (as this was) a requirement of our donor, (the Department of) Social Development

We requested a package from Telkom on August 8, and spoke to Shantal Moodley, who handled our paperwork.

On September 11, we received the contract reference CM1818563.

Installation started a month later, October 11.

On October 17, we waited for the guys to return, to complete installation.

On November 6, we sent an email to Ms Moodley to assist with wi-fi but got no response.

Since installation, we have continuously been on the phone with Telkom to help.

Reasons given to us include a faulty line, the line does not exist, the line belongs to someone else, the user does not exist, the modem is faulty and modem needs to be reconfigured.

What is frustrating, is that I have requested a technician to come out and assist, but they won’t even grant us this.

We literally have to spend a minimum of an hour on the phone, only to get someone to answer the phone, all this while we need to see to clients who are in desperate need of our assistance.

Herewith are dates we called and logged complaints but still we have not been helped.

On August 4 the fault was logged and closed. On October 29 Telkom reset the phone.

On November 15, most of my day was spent on the phone but nobody could assist.

The next day they were due to do the reconfiguration but still it did not work. Eventually technician named Anthony came out but was unable to assist.

On December 5, Telkom could not assist, the user details had to be sent, the details were sent two days later.

The number could not be located on December 9.

On January 15 we raised a dispute because we then owed Telkom R4 000 but our issues had not yet been resolved.

Another fault was logged during January but Telkom again decided to close the log without telling us, because the modem was a guest account.

On January 28, were sent an inbox message to Telkom’s Facebook page, but they could not find the user on line, and no response has been received since then.

This is our tale of woe, concerning Telkom.

Noma Faku, head of group communications and public relations for Telkom, responds:

We apologise for the inconvenience experienced by this customer and are working to rectify this issue.