Who’s who in Tafelsig’s by-election

Marie Jeanette Olifant

In the run-up to next week’s Ward 82 by-election on Wednesday November 13 (“Tafelsig heads to the polls”, Plains-
man, October 30), FOUZIA VAN DER FORT spoke to candidates about the area’s “bread and butter” issue.

Grant Jeremy Classen from the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) said people are hungry for a definite change in leadership.

“People are fed up with empty promises by politicians that do not deliver,” he said.

One of his focus areas will be to set up a drug rehabilitation programme with “definite results” and a daily feeding scheme to feed 1 000 people. Another is a two-day conference with stakeholders and role-players to deal with the community’s issues and to get them to work together; meeting with all safety forums to help them to form a safe community; to get the fields and recreational facilities up and running; to secure investors to help uplift and run safety programmes and to have monthly meetings to give account.

Marie Jeanette Olifant from the African National Congress (ANC) said unemployment, housing, water and electricity are her focus issues. “We must set up a meeting with the City of Cape Town – they must scrap the arrears of the water. They have put in the water management devices (WMD) but still residents have high water bills. Residents use water sparingly but this has no effect on their tariffs.

Washiela Harris from the Democratic Alliance (DA) said to alleviate unemployment, she has encouraged residents to fill in the EPWP job seeker forms. “I need the residents to be involved in keeping the area safe and secure. I serve on the City of Cape Town’s safety and security portfolio committee. Members can become auxiliary law enforcement officers and thus reduce unemployment.”

Paul Anthony Daniels of the Good Party said residents cannot cope with high water and electricity bills. He said the high crime rate results in children growing up without hope. He said his campaign is focused on helping those with water issues to either apply for indigent support and/ or to apply for a water quota increase and he will table motions to council calling for a relief of electricity charges.

“I will then also work hand in hand with the City’s social development and early childhood development department to present alternative opportunities to ensure there is skills development programmes to assist informal businesses to grow, thereby reducing the high unemployment rate in the area.

Chester Arendse, who is standing as an independent candidate, said a lack of sports and recreation, youth development and community development has a direct impact on crime.

“With undeveloped infrastructure our youth have no other place to go to and is almost forced to turn to crime and gangsterism. How can our youth learn discipline, respect and dedication if Ward 82 does not have these facilities to teach them? Even the organisations that are currently in the area are struggling to progress because of lack of facility development and community interaction. Crime is one of our biggest challenges,” he said.

Other candidates running for election are Phila van der Heever of the Cape Party, Sandra Shirley Poleman of the Democratic Independent Party and Daniel Peter Petersen of the Economic Freedom Fighters. Voting stations will be open from 7am to 7pm on November 13.