Westville Primary pupils taught plumbing skills

Pictured, at the back, is former Westville Primary School pupil and plumbing workshop facilitator, Igsaan Hugo. With him are teacher Tyree Brooks, pupils Mugammad-Il’yaas George and Mila Tologu. In front is pupil Mogamat Amaan Wilson.

A national certified plumbing facilitator, raised in Westridge, returned to his alma mater to teach pupils how to repair taps, leaks and replace worn washers.

Westville Primary School alumnus Igsaan Hugo had pupils replacing worn washers and tap handles, which he probably used when he was at school.

Mr Hugo, a national product trainer at LIXIL Africa, qualified facilitator, assessor and moderator with cross-functional knowledge in the sanitary industry, offered 28 Grade 6 and 7 pupils a 13-week introduction to basic plumbing course.

Pupils were taught to repair taps, assemble and replace cisterns, repair leaks and toilets.

They attended a two-hour class every Wednesday.

Mr Hugo said he grew up in the community and understood the need to tender support to pupils and encourage them in primary school.

Teacher Tyree Brooks said Mr Hugo gave the pupils an opportunity to learn a new skill.

“Not everyone is into sports or academia. Here they were allowed to learn something more practical – plumbing and entrepreneurship,” he said.

Grade 6 pupil Mugammad-Il’yaas George, who had completed a community basic plumbing course with Mr Hugo at Dagbreek community hall last year (“Empowering communities with plumbing skills”, Plainsman August 10, 2022) was able to fix his family’s cistern.

He said he enjoyed working with his hands.

Grade 7 pupil Mogamat Amaan Wilson, said while he did not want to be a plumber, he learned a new skill.

“It was informative and productive,” he said.

He also learned that plumbing was not just about brute strength but using one’s brain.

“You don’t have to be strong to be a plumber. You need to be smart,” he said.

Grade 7 pupil Mila Tologu said she was happy to learn alongside her male peers and that she was also able to fix leaks at home.