Westridge garden left dry

Westridge resident Carly Davids wants to know why the water supply to the garden, which she has been cultivating for the last five years, has been cut.

A Westridge resident wants the City of Cape Town to switch on the water to help irrigate the garden she has been cultivating for the last four years.

The garden patch bordered by De Hoek and Simonsig Avenue, in Westridge, is dry and not green as it usually looks since its water supply has been reduced to a trickle.

It also borders Carly Davids’s backyard, which is the only household with a door leading to the garden.

She and her family have been cultivating this public space for almost five years, and received a wheelbarrow, hose, spade, broom and irrigation system from the municipality in 2019.

“We cleared this space. We planted succulents. We have the grass cut regularly. This space would have looked a lot better if it was watered and greener,” she said.

“I have been following due process. I water two hours in the morning and in the evening but no one can tell me why the water was switched off,” she said.

Ms Davids said she worked for the City for a year at the depot where she learned how to take care of public open spaces.

The water was switched off in October.

She contacted the parks and recreation depot only to be told it was switched off in error.

Then the water inspector had to switch it on and until today the water is on a drip system.

Westridge ward councillor Ashley Potts said the resources were given to Ms Davids from the ward’s budget to help residents willing to volunteer their time to care for a park.

He had issued 12 such sets to various residents in June 2022.

However, he said the water was not switched off in error, “but due to inappropriate use of the water which was repeatedly explained to said resident who deliberately ignored the warnings given by the parks department.”

Mr Potts said that she simply had to accept and respect the rule of law which required use of water for all residents looking to maintain parks and public open spaces during the specified times.

He said that there were Standard Operating Procedures which needed adhered to.

Mr Potts called on all ward residents to engage with his office, in Dagbreek Avenue, the City by visiting the service request link on www.capetown.gov.za, by calling in any query via 086 010 3089 or WhatsApp him on 082 887 6440.