Wespoort receives container for feeding scheme

Wespoort Primary School, its sponsors and school community launched the container kitchen on Wednesday June 15.

Wespoort Primary School received a container that will be used as a kitchen to continue feeding the pupils and community.

The school, its sponsors and school community launched the container kitchen on Wednesday June 15 at school.

Principal Rodney Hendricks said they are grateful to all those involved.

The staff and sponsors smile with bread handed to the children on Wednesday June 15.

“Kassiem Brey, Star security owner and former parent, stopped at school and said he wants to donate to the school. We also needed our feeding scheme section revamped,” he said.

Mr Brey said he was part of a programme they held at a school in Bonteheuwel where donations were given to the school and he felt inspired to do the same.

“I felt I wanted to give something. We supplied them with the container and furnished it for them. We were also able to supply the school with food items or food for the week. There are many businesses that can do the same. It’s not about where you go to school but you can achieve so much if we all work together,” he said.

Dale Santon, part of SA Rugby Legends, a former Springbok player and former Spine Road High School pupil, said it was a privilege being a part of the handover.

Jerome Paarwater, head coach of Western Province, and former Springbok rugby player Dale Santon handing bread to the pupils on Wednesday June 15.

“The school has previously served pupils from the classroom but now they have received the container and all its essential items to help with the feeding scheme. We’ve also donated tables where pupils can sit and enjoy the food,” he said

“If a child doesn’t eat a decent meal their mind and brain power won’t be able to function. We are very excited, it will be available in the future to feed the community and do outreach. We are happy for our pupils. The cooks are the important ones and I’m happy, I can’t wait for it to start,” said Mr Santon.

They formed a partnership and Mr Brey felt he wanted to give back. “As Legends we ask and want to reach out to adopt a school where they work closely with the school. Just to make life better for pupils and schools. Today more schools need more assistance from local businesses. We are happy to be a part of this occasion and welcome businesses to follow suit,” said Mr Santon.