Well-known Westridge businessman dies

Westridge businessman Keith Harold Ryneveldt will be remembered for his sense of humour, concern for others and big personality.

Westridge businessman Keith Harold Ryneveldt, 66, died.

Mr Ryneveldt, 66, business partner and husband to René Ryneveldt of Deckster’s Catering, in Westridge, was admitted to Vincent Pallotti Hospital on June 14 and died on Friday July 2.

Ms Ryneveldt said they last saw him while he was in a Covid-pneumonia induced coma on Wednesday June 30.

“We had to suit up and visit in a Covid intensive care unit,” she said.

She said Mr Ryneveldt had been aptly described as a legend at his funeral on Saturday July 10.

Ms Ryneveldt said her husband had been her business partner when they sold Avroy Shlain beauty products many years ago. Thirteen years ago they opened their catering company and, two years ago a shop close to home.

Before retiring as an operations manager in 2018, he had worked at Springbok Atlas Luxury Charter for 42 years.

In her tribute to Mr Ryneveldt, she said: “I always loved your sense of humour, your caring for others, your big personality and your tenderness.

“Your love for me and the rest of the family left a lasting impact that will forever be felt for generations to come.”

The Ryneveldt family is known for not turning away empty-handed anyone who knocked at their door for food.

During his tenure at the charter company he and colleagues would club together to help the needy in different areas.

Mr Ryneveldt was a keen sports fan and has several photographs with renowned Springbok rugby players and members of the national cricket team, the Proteas, when the company transported them.

The Ryneveldt couple shared many adventures and travelled around the world, to places including London, Paris, Austria, Greece, Istanbul, Venice, Dubrovnik and Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico.

Ms Ryneveldt said her husband was a people’s person.

“He could talk about anything.

“He would make people laugh and include them at the eating table during meal times,” she said.

Mr Ryneveldt loved reading, keeping up with current affairs and enjoyed watching documentaries.

He is survived by his four children – Monroe Ryneveldt, 46, Stanton Ryneveld, 44, Janine Salmons, 37, and Craig Ryneveldt, 35; eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Tasrique, 18, one of his grandchildren died in 2014.

Mr Ryneveldt was the second eldest of nine children, born in Bridgetown and raised in Bonteheuwel.

He moved to Westridge on June 2 1978.

“He was a father to all. He was Pa to all. So many kids would call him pa but he wasn’t their real pa. He changed so many people’s lives, even the person who asked for a piece of bread at the door. He was a cheerleader to friends and strangers,” Ms Ryneveldt said.

His most famous words were: “Family is important”, she added.