We are gatvol

Mark RH Kleinschmidt, Kenywn

As a father and grand-father, I am reduced to tears at the horrendous murder of six-year-old Stacey Adams of Eastridge, Mitchell’s Plain.

Having seen the Baxter Theatre pro-duction of #JustMen, I cannot help thinking that the production must go “on the road” and into the townships, to be seen by as many men as possible.

The debriefing after the performance is imperative. Undoubted-ly, it is men who perform the dastardly acts of brutal violation of women and children.

The pandemic of rape, violence and murder of women and children calls for a “state of emergency” by our national government.

A visit to the Adams family by Police Mini-ster Bheki Cele is a futile exercise (same old public relations exercise) and will not ease the pain and anguish of the bereaved family.

We are gatvol. Our national govern-ment needs a more strategic and focused programme of inter-ventions to address the brutal scourge.

Crime prevention starts with each of us in civil society, and until a more strategic and grassroots approach is implemented to wipe out the scourge of vio-lence against women and children, we will not achieve any measure of success.