Water cut by mistake

Ricardo Abrahams, from Eastridge, pours water into the sink.

Marian Abrahams woke up on Tuesday March 16 to a dry tap and had to collect water from her daughter, who lives in Morgens Village, and her sister, who lives in Woodlands, to drink, cook and wash.

“It was not a nice feeling,” she said.

Her son Ricardo complained to the City and had nine reference numbers. He had also taken his mother twice in the two weeks to Wolfgat Sub-council office, in Lentegeur.

“I couldn’t understand why my mother’s water was cut because she was not in arrears and I made a payment just earlier in the month,” he said.

Mr Abrahams said it was just the two of them in the house, no leaks and impossible for them to run up a bill.

To bathe they had to boil kettles of water and daily collect bottles of water.

Their bathroom tap broke because of a lack of water pressure.

He said their disconnected water was confounded by load shedding and then the gas tank had to be taken out.

Mr Abrahams said they had no leaks until council workers came out and switched their water back on last week.

Water meter leaks.

In response to a Plainsman enquiry, the City said they would investigate the matter and that remedial measures would be taken to address processes within the branch.

“The meter data on the system was incorrect and the property was wrongfully restricted,” read their response.

The City acknowledged receipt of the C3-notifications and apologised for the delays in resolving this complaint and any inconvenience caused.

City officials visited the premises on Wednesday March 31 and resolved the issue.

“There are no leaks,” read their response.

The meter data on the system was incorrect and the property was wrongfully restricted.