Visit our offices

During June and July, we distributed blankets which were generously donated to the project, to the poor and disadvantaged in Rocklands, Eastridge and Tafelsig.

During these visits, women were complaining of the poor services of the different spheres of government, in particular the City Council’s offices operating in Mitchell’s Plain.

The different complaints resulted in the Mitchell’s Plain Community Advice and Development Project organising a community meeting where participants could openly discuss the different types and the quality of the services community members receive.

We realised how important it is to create a platform for these women to come and talk about the experiences they encounter at court, at the City Council’s offices, the Department of Social Development and so on.

Our task is to listen and to encourage these community members to visit our offices where these cases can be dealt with in a more constructive manner.

We have also established a healthy working relationship with the Department of Labour. Therefore, we encourage people who do not know everything about the labour laws, workers’ rights, those who still face different forms of discrimination at their places of work and so on, to come and attend a meeting tomorrow, Thursday July 27, which will take place at Tafelsig library, in Kilimanjaro Street, Tafelsig, from 10.30am to 1pm.

For more information about the meeting, call our office on 021 392 2000 or email

Our offices are located on the corner of 1st Street and 4th Avenue in the Town Centre, Room 13, 1st Floor, OGS Building (Engen garage).