Virus a serious matter

Veronica Vember, Strandfontein

I have been to Promenade mall on two occasions now.

It broke my heart to see how people move around not being concerned about what’s going on regarding this global killer pandemic Covid-19.

We wore masks and people looked the other way, as if we have the virus.

Even the elderly walk in the mall not being concerned.

I also noted whether shops sanitise their consumers.

People are not regarding this as serious.

They are selfish and ignorant.

Maybe people are not clued up.

Someone must check people at the entrances of the malls.

It is devastating.

I have served as a professional nurse and midwife for more than 50 years and am the co-ordinator of Sweet Communicare Diabetic Support Groups, previously known as Strandfontein Diabetic Support Group.

I immediately closed down our clubs and cancelled our 10th anniversary celebration until further notice.

We do not have visitors, neither my children nor grandchildren visiting, and correspondence is telephonic or via text.

We elderly are vulnerable and susceptible to the virus due to our medical conditions and need to practice caution and self isolation.

As I am working for an agency on occasions I refrain from working too.

I am responsible for myself and others.

That’s my contribution from my part to those near and dear as a concerned health practitioner.

I am really moved by the ignorance of our people.

This is not about religion or sin. It is a global deadly life-threatening pandemic.

Stay healthy. Do what you must do and ensure social distancing.

Hubby and I are glued to the television for news and it is just worsening.

It is really time to wake those who are still asleep.

If we must go we must but not through ignorance.