VAT increase a slap in the face

Arthur Pillay, Westridge

The increase of R90 plus R10 later is a slap in the face to the seniors (in the monthly state pension).

VAT goes up to 15% and the increase is dissolved again.

My question is: who decides what amount is the correct amount for a senior?

Everybody gets the same amount, but everybody does not spend the same.

It would be interesting to know how a non-senior can come up with a thumb suck figure that affects people’s daily lives.

These politicians have never experienced poverty, nor ever tried living on a state pension where petrol, sugar tax electricity and now the restriction of water affects seniors as well.

The minister of social development has failed us once again.

They have sent seniors on parliament training from 2013/14/15 as far as I know.

Why don’t they utilise these people and put them to good use?

It is really a waste of the tax payers money training people that are never going to use those acquired skills and knowledge.