United against gender-based violence

Artist Mark Jeneker, from Lentegeur; Celeste Daniels, from Portland; dancer Rubin Bantom from Tafelsig; musician D’Louw, from Lentegeur; Jim Daniels, from Colorado Park; and Omigen Daniels, from Lentegeur.

Mitchell’s Plain community leaders united against gender-based violence during a roadshow held to raise awareness.

Lentegeur muscian D’louw, founder of the Deen Louw Foundation, launched the gender-based violence awareness campaign in Rocklands on Sunday February 27.

He was joined by Lentegeur artist Mark Jeneker, founder of the Mark Jeneker Foundation; COGH (Cape of Good Hope) co-owner and events manager Celeste Daniels, from Lentegeur, who recently hosted a poetry competition (“’Plain poets seek to set the record straight”, Plainsman, February 16); and dancer Rubin Bantom, from Tafelsig, spoke or used their talents to show their experiences and responses to violence against women and children.

D’Louw told the Plainsman the campaign would be hosted in different areas, first where they were invited to, in public open spaces, and when guests are available.

“Nothing indoors. We don’t want the walls to limit the number of people we can reach. It is not a show. It about raising awareness and us speaking out against abuse.

“We do not tolerate any form of violence and abuse. We want to stop this harm against women and children,” he said.

They are hoping to visit Tafelsig at the weekend.

Showing up against gender-based violence.