Unhappy with meals, conduct

Ebtisaam Edross, Lentegeur

I would like to tell you about an incident at Westgate Mall McDonald’s, involving the manageress and a security guard on duty on Tuesday June 26, at 7.25pm.

My daughter, boyfriend and I went through the drive-thru to buy food.

They took our order, including a Big Mac Meal with no garnish, another Big Mac Meal and a Junior Mac Meal with garnish.

Upon collecting, I checked the order, and none of the burgers had any garnish or sauce.

We gave it back to the guy and told him, then he said there was no lettuce.

I asked to speak to the manager. She did not want to come out.

He took the food and brought back others with garnish.

Now where did they get garnish all of a sudden?

I told the guy I did not want it and asked him to call the manager.

She came, then left and mumbled something in her own language after I showed her I am making a video.

I then got out of the car, asked to speak to the manager again and she did not want to come.

I asked for my money back, gave the food back and, ten minutes later, the manager came to the window to give me my money back.

I took the money, but I did not want to sign the slip. Then she pulled on my arm where I had just had a transfusion done earlier that afternoon.

I told her not to touch me.

Then, as I wanted to turn, she grabbed me on my gown by force. Then the security guard came and did the same.

I then told her and the security guard that I’m going to the police to make a case, and that is exactly what I did.

I have never been treated with such disrespect.

They took me for a fool when I asked for the owner’s contact details.

I will not tolerate this and will be taking the matter further.

Please, guys, if you get treated unfairly, speak up.

We are the customers; we also have the right to get what we are paying for, nothing more, nothing less.

As for the owner of that McDonald’s, please choose your staff carefully as your manager, Florence, did not have a name tag. When I asked her for her name, she was rude and shouted her name at me, locked the drive-thru and then this treatment.

Sorry, but this is something I will not leave as is.

I do not want her apology nor that of the security guard. They assaulted me even after I told them I had been discharged from hospital and had just come to get a nice meal.

Daniel Padiachy, McDonald’s chief marketing and communications officer, responds:

We are aware of a complaint that has been raised at the Westgate Mall restaurant and are following our customer-care process of investigating the incident and engaging directly with the customer.

We take every complaint seriously, and based on the outcome of our investigation, we will take relevant action to resolve the issue.