Trust test

Agmat Adams, Strandfontein

I have been trying to promote a message of trust.

I believe that in the same way – one has to give respect to get respect – the same applies to trust – “You have give or show trust to get or be trusted”.

Based on this I have been stopping regularly, almost daily at bus stops, on my way to Cape Town, offering people a lift into town. This is from Strandfontein to Cape Town.

There are very few people that get in.

When I open my bakkie’s door to announce my offer, I can see the looks or expressions on the people’s faces – the assumptions, the thoughts going through their minds, the one nudging the other but all too scared to get in.

We are judging and making assumptions of other people even whether we do not know them but their intention, on approaching you is to help you.

Occasionally someone would get in and their first response is “you know you can’t trust these days” yet after a couple of minutes of introductions and talking, they see your true intention and some become regular riders.

It is my view that that so many of us are blessed with so much and yet we do or give so little.

Everyone knows this fact of life , the more you give the more you get, yet we give little to none but expect the most.

This is my way of doing a simple act consistently and I would like to encourage everyone else to do something for someone or anyone but have no expectations.

This is the difficult part but the more you work on it the easier it becomes and the more you will do and want to do.