Tourism workshop

■ Mitchell’s Plain Chamber of Commerce held a workshop, titled Economic Freedom through Tourism, at the Alliance Francaise in Portland, on Thursday April 27. This was for people who were interested in making money by renting out spare rooms in their homes (“Turning ’Plain into a tourism destination”, Plainsman, April 19). The chamber was established last year and has received input from its members to contribute to the City’s integrated development plan (IDP). Chairman and CEO, Sean Achim, said they have engaged their members and members of the business community since October 2016 to formulate a vision of what Mitchell’s Plain could look like in 2026 when it celebrates its 50th anniversary. “The vision that the members of the chamber have is of a multi-lingual tourist-friendly city known internationally for its sporting events, friendly guest house hosts and thriving business community,” he said. Pictured are residents who attended the workshop. For more information, go to the Plein Chamber Facebook page or email them on sean@chamber.mplain