Throw back

Wendy Abrahams, Bayview

Please allow me to share my memories of Mitchell’s Plain.

I remember that first day we moved into Rocklands, I just turned six years old.

My elder brother and I were enrolled at Ridgeville Primary School in Westridge as that was the closest school to our home. If our parents could not drop us at school on their way to work in Parow, we would walk from Rocklands to Westridge.

Every afternoon we would walk home from school. Adventurous walks they were indeed.

I also started ballet classes at Stephen Reagon sports field hall in 1981. I received a R2 note which was enough for my bus fare to and from ballet classes and a chip roll, guava juice and a “tamaletjie”.

In the afternoons we would play until our parents would come home, playing in the big construction concrete pipes or on the dunes.

We had lots of games we played, from kennetjie, Buck Rogers, drie blikkies, wolf wolf hoe laat is dit, office office, school school, later it was roller skating, to mention a few.

Never ever were we bored.

We were the first family with a swimming pool. My dad had a swimming pool company and my brother and I would charge the children to come swim. This would be our pocket money for the mobile shop which would come around in the afternoon. I especially loved the “lekker smekker” and the black balls sweets.

Later in high school I remember running home after school to listen to the “2.30 date with Dimitri Jagels”.

Great memories we had – sad though that so many scourges have infected the communities such as gangs, drugs and so on.

I do believe though that we should not allow circumstances to rob us of who or where we want to be.

* Wendy Abrahams is the manager of Heavens Nest Child Care and Recreation Centre in Ottery.