They have my vote

Gaironisa Williams, Woodridge, Woodlands

With regards to “Local leaders launch new party”, (Plainsman, July 13), I’m impressed by the calibre of the candidates who will be contesting the upcoming local government elections on behalf of the newly formed Local People’s Party (LPP). Its president Mohamed Ikbal Salwary, who is the candidate for Ward 76 (Lentegeur) is peerless in the field of community development; of note is that he was lobbying unrelentingly for a police station in Lentegeur and spearheaded many a good cause. Michael Jacobs, former chairperson of the Mitchell’s Plain Police Forum cluster, and Mogammet Fazloodien, executive member of a number of community-based organisations, work tirelessly and unflinchingly in tandem with SAPS to ensure a safe Mitchell’s Plain.

Rosaline Classen, or “antie Rosie” as she is fondly known and Evelyn Toefy are no strangers to the community of Mitchell’s Plain and are widely respected for their community work.

I personally doubt if the current incumbents (ward councillors and proportional representative list councillors) in Mitchell’s Plain are on the same footing as the above-mentioned aspiring candidates.

The Local People’s Party will certainly have my vote.