The real me

Tanya Wilson, Harmony Village

You took from me a life I will never know.

You changed the course of my present and future.

You took from me possibilities and opportunities.

You hurt me in a way I dare not say.

You crushed my beating heart leaving me broken and empty.

You rob me of the things I now will never know.

I can’t believe you did that which you chose to do and thought nothing

of it, what did I do to you for you to bestow such pain and cruelty upon me.

You made me an incomplete person from day one how could you do what

you did without a conscience.

You failed to see me as an existence so you broke me instead somehow I get the feeling you wanted me dead.

You took my life into your own hands carrying out Satan’s diabolical plan in trying to get rid of what God with his own hand.

Yet today here I am stronger than you ever thought I would be.

never did you think I would grow up to be who I am today and you

wouldn’t be here to see how strong I’ve come to be.

It may be because I’ve faced life the way I have not knowing what’s next for me but let me tell in my future I only see good things happening.