The ’Plain is blue once again

More than a 110 000 Mitch-ell’s Plain residents made their mark in the 2016 local government election on Wednesday August 3.

Voters put their support behind the DA, with the party winning eight of the 10 wards in the Plainsman’s distribution area and wards 88 and 99 going to the ANC.

Ward 88 comprises New Woodlands, Lentegeur (south of R300, west of AZ Berman Drive, north of Highlands Drive and east of the railway line), Heinz Park, Philippi and Philippi Park; while Ward 99 covers Eastridge (west of Don Carlos and Alpine).

The recently launched Local People’s Party (LPP), led by Mohamed Ikbal Salwary, were runners-up in Ward 76 (Lentegeur and Ikwezi Park), beating the ANC by 717 votes.

Mr Salwary told the Plainsman, they could have done a lot better but “started far too late”.

The LPP was launched in April and could only started campaigning once they were registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

He said previously voters only received one ballot but last week, were given two ballots – to vote for a candidate and a political party.

“We did not tell our people to vote for both a ward and proportional representative (PR) councillor. Many people did not realise that we are a political party,” he said.

Mr Salwary said they were going to continue to work in the community.

“Hopefully it will become a brand and we will take up the issues of crime and unemployment.

The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) came third in five of the wards and second in Ward 81 (Portland, Rocklands and Westridge) with 297 votes. Al Jama-ah was a close third in the same ward, with 245 votes.

Ferlon Christians, ACDP Western Cape leader, said the party was pleased with the increase in votes in Mitchell’s Plain and planned to continue working in the area.

“This time we have done things differently. We had candidates that have political experience, people who are hard-working and community-orientated. Former deputy mayor Charlotte Williams was the election manager for Mitchell’s Plain and she is an amazing community worker. We also had former Sub-council 23 chairperson Natalie Bent and other members of parties on board.

“There are so many needs in Mitchell’s Plain that needs to be addressed such as crime, drugs, gangsterism and teenage pregnancy. People might say we are a ‘small’ party, well, we will have to live with it, but we are active and aim to make a difference,” he said.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) came third in wards 99, 88 and 116 – which includes parts of Beacon Valley, Montrose Park, Mandalay and Morgenster, which were previously part of wards 78, 99, 88 and 76.

Unathi Ntame, EFF regional spokesperson, said the votes have increased in Mitchell’s Plain and despite not winning any wards, they wouldcontinue to work in the area.

“We are happy that our numbers are increasing. That means people recognise and see our potential. We will work with our branches and the community of Mitchell’s Plain, because the DA isn’t serving our people.

“There is a lack of housing, water issues, people are impoverished and crime is become out of hand in Mitchell’s Plain,” he said.

Social Development MEC Albert Fritz and head of the DA Mitchell’s Plain Constituency said they were delighted with the results.

“We will continue to up our game and we hold every councillor accountable to ensure service delivery,” he said.

Mr Fritz said they were looking at ways to effectively roll out provincial and national programmes, like early childhood development, sustainable feeding and development to empower communities, especially women.

Ward 116

A total of 69.86 percent (6 092) of the voters in newly demarcated Ward 116 voted for DA councillor Michael (Pat) Pietersen, who was previously councillor in Ward 88.

The ANC got a total of 3 327 (19.15 percent) votes of the 8 898 ballots cast in the ward and the EFF received 663 (3.82 percent) votes.

Mr Pietersen told the Plainsman he is grateful to the voters but he has his work cut out for him.

He told the Plainsman he was grateful to the voters but he has his work cut out for him.

“I am excited to work in the new ward,” he said.

He said Ward 88 is very different to Ward 116.

“The difference between the two wards as 88 had more informal settlements and the crime rate was higher. Ward 88 also has challenges such as unemployment and crime.

“My plan is to get unemployed residents part of Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) so that they too can earn a salary, even if it is on a contact basis. I also plan to upgrade the community centres and have more youth development programmes,” he said.

In Ward 99, 4 566 voters out of the 8 898 residents who made their mark chose ANC councillor Bongile Ngcani.

The DA garnered 7 094 votes (39.08 percent) and the EFF, 788 votes (4.34 percent).

Mr Ngcani he is honoured to have been elected, that he was up for the challenge and woulddo his best to meet the needs of the community.

He said some of the concerns in the ward included housing, crime and health.

“There is a huge need for housing, and that needs to be tackled. People are also in need of health services, and that I plan to addressed. Furthermore, I urge the community to contact me and most importantly work with me,” he said.

In Ward 88, 6 797 voters out of the 10 004 residents who made their mark, chose ANC councillor Siphiwo Nqamnduku.

A total of 3 695 voters (19.18 percent) made their mark for the DA with 1 502 voters supporting the EFF

Ward 82

In Ward 82 – Tafelsig, Wolfgat Nature Reserve (western part) – 8 240 voters out of 9 952 residents who made their mark chose DA councillor Sheval Arendse.

The ANC garnered 855 votes (4.36 percent) , with the ACDP getting 453 of the votes (2.31 percent).

Mr Arendse thanked residents for voting for him to serve another five years.

“I am going to call meetings with the sports bodies and find grants-in-aid to help clubs.

“I will be fast-tracking the building of the high school, at the corner of Kilimanjaro and Rockies Streets in Tafelsig.

“I will also make sure that the South African Police Service (SAPS) delivers on building a station on the corner Oranjekloof and Andes Streets in Tafelsig,” he said.

Mr Arendse also promised to make the new job opportunities accessible to the unemployed, who have re-registered and the 2 500 people, who have registered.

“There are still too many matriculants still at home and they need to come forward with their CVs because help is at hand,” he said.

“The next step is the housing list, without a job many cannot afford houses and we see how many people live in wendy houses.”

Mr Arendse wants to sit down with the City of Cape Town Safety and Security department to employ more staff.

Ward 81

In Ward 81 (Portland, Rocklands and Westridge) 12 274 voters out of 13 862 residents who made their mark chose the DA’s Danny Christians.

The ACDP garnered 500 votes (1.86 percent) and Al Jam-ah, 402 votes (1.5 percent)

Mr Christians pledged to continue with a high level of service delivery. He said the final report on the Kapteinsklip Station Precinct and Mnandi Coastal Node is with Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning MEC Anton Bredell.

“We are looking forward to the economic opportunities for the people of Mitchell’s Plain,” he said.

Land, with special zoning rights including residential and commercial, on the corner of Spine Road and Park Avenue in Rocklands, with be sold off and can be used for whatever the need is in the community.

“I am looking forward to continue working on projects, started 10 years ago, especially the Kapteinsklip Station Precinct and Mnandi Coastal Node,” he said.

Mr Christians will be targeting street and block committees, source equipment for them to work on a better level with the police.

“We have to stop those people dealing in drugs and propagating evil,” he said.

Ward 79

In Ward 79, which includes Beacon Valley (south-east of Trampoline, south-west of Lord Street and Oval Street, north-west of Imperial Street and north-ease of AZ Berman Drive), Eastridge (south-east of Imperial Street, south-west of Don Carlos Street and Alpine Road, north-west of Spine Road and north-east of Yellowwood Road), Mitchells Plain CBD and Portland, 9 878 voters out of 11 702 residents who made their mark chose the DA’s Solomon Philander.

The ANC got 881 votes (3.84 percent) and the ACDP, 857 votes (3.74 percent) .

Mr Philander thanked voters for putting their trust in him again.

“Together we can make progress possible. We want to listen to what people want and build from there,” he said.

Mr Philander said there have been high level talks with businesses regarding safety in Town Centre.

“We will continue with our safety school programme and encourage youth to access opportunities in our community.”

“We want to support small business and entrepreneurs.

“Election is finished. I am ready and able to serve all residents living in the ward, including candidates, who were not successful,” he said.

Ward 78

In Ward 78, which includes Beacon Valley (south-east of Morgenster Street, east of AZ Berman Drive, north of Trampoline Street and west of Alpine Street), Mitchell’s Plain CBD, Portland, Rocklands, Westgate, Westridge, 10 668 voters out of 11 886 residents who made their mark chose DA councillor Eddie Andrews. The ANC won 676 votes (2.87 percent) and the ACDP, 470 votes (1.99 percent).

Mr Andrews said voters’ confidence expressed on August 3 will ensure progress is made in the ward.

Mr Andrews has earmarked the following projects for this year: upgrading Westridge Gardens into a park that is disabled-friendly; to continue capacitating neighborhood watch structures and allocating resources; providing radio communication equipment to improve communication among all the structures; allocating equipment to parks, where residents have partnered with the City to help green the adopted park; and to continue the Decision Affects Destinies (DAD) youth mentor programme with identified high school learners.

Ward 76

In Ward 76, which includes Lentegeur and New Lentegeur, West Lentegeur and East Lentegeur, 8 144 voters out of 10 560 residents who made their mark chose the DA’s Goawa Timm. The LPP achieved 1 590 votes (7. 65 percent) and the ANC, 876 votes (4.21 percent).

Ms Timm said: “Over the past few years, I have worked hard trying to service my community, so I thank them for trusting me and the party I represent. I live in my ward, and I would like residents to know that my door is always open.”

Her plans for the ward include the construction of a multi-purpose hall, a business hive and implementation of traffic calming measures.

“It is a sad reality that our youth are going into gangsterism and drugs, this is unacceptable. In this multi-purpose hall there needs to be activities and skills development for our youth and seniors. It is important that our youth is off the streets and are kept active,” said Ms Timm.

Ward 43

In Ward 43 (Bayview, Rocklands, San Remo, Strandfontein and Siqalo), 9 734 voters out of 12 473 residents who made their mark chose the DA’s Elton Jansen. The ANC got 2 746 votes (11.26 percent) and the ACDP, 630 votes (2.5 percent) .

Mr Jansen will again lead Ward 43 (Bayview, Rocklands, San Remo, Strandfontein, Siqalo).

“I do not take this lightly and commit myself to continue to serve the people who have voted for me and even those who did not vote for me,” he said.

In the next five years he plans to focus on youth development, strive to create more jobs, play his part in making the community safer and work towards bringing economic development in the area.

“I will also work towards finalising the reblocking in the informal settlements.

“Work on getting basic services to informal settlements in the Phillipi Horticultural Area as well as infrastructure in the Phillipi, Schaapkraal and Knolepark areas where it is needed, that is bulk infrastructure and proper roads,” he said.

Mr Jansen said he is looking forward to working with all civic organizations, rate payers associations, NGOs, religious organisations and leaders, who are prepared to work together to make progress in the wrd.

blob The DA’s Joan Woodman (Ward 75) and the ANC’s Siphiwo Nqamnduku (Ward 88), did not respond to the Plainsman’s request for comment..