The Last Message

Grade 6 West End Primary School pupil, Rashiwe Latoya Mashiri,our short story winner in the Grade 5 to Grade 7 category.

There once was an old man who lived in an old cabin in the forest.

The old man had a message to tell his son – that message was very important, so that very day he decided to tell his son.

He travelled through the forest.

On his way there he faced a lot of difficulty. A snake bit him but lucky it wasn’t poisonous.

Not very long after, the sun set and the moon rose. The old man walked and walked until he couldn’t go any further. The man did not even know where he was going.

The man set out his shelter using branches and leaves.

The man was settled when something unpleasant happened. A big cloud formed and trrrr! thunder struck his tent.

The old man was left shelterless. He then had to settle down in the cold.

The next morning the man continued his task to deliver the message to his son.

He walked and walked and on his way, a bear attacked him and injured him very badly. He was not in a state to go any further. But even though he was in pain, he went on – that’s how important the message was.

A few hours later, a jackal attacked him. He lost a finger but that didn’t stop him; he still kept on going.

Later the sun set.

The man was very hungry as he hadn’t eaten for a day.

A rabbit jumped on his lap. He was very hungry, so he thought that it would be a good idea to eat the rabbit. He got some wood and sticks and started a fire and roasted the rabbit. He didn’t enjoy it that much but at least it was enough to satisfy his hunger.

He built another shelter and prayed that it wouldn’t rain this time.

He went to bed on a full stomach, and he was satisfied.

The next morning he woke up and started walking again. On his way a snake jumped on him. This time the snake was poisonous and he couldn’t escape.

The poison was getting to him but that didn’t stop him.

The man continued but a few hours later, a lion attacked him. He tried his best to get away but it didn’t work. He realised his life was in danger, so he ran. He ran as fast as he could, but the lion kept on chasing him.

He wanted to make sure he delivered the message to his son. His son’s house was visible. The poison and injuries were killing him. He started slowing down.

He just stepped onto his son’s doorstep when the lion swallowed and ate him.

He died with the regret of not being able to tell his son what the message was. Up until this day the last message still remains a secret …