The City Choir wants to restore hope and creativity

Three musicians and friends have embarked on an endeavour to uplift and empower the youth of Mitchell’s Plain and its surrounding areas and they’ve launched their very own group called, ‘The City Choir.’ To mark their launch the new group held their concert at Joseph Stone Auditorium, Athlone, with family, friends and community on Sunday September 3.

Three musicians started The City Choir which will be launched with a concert at Joseph Stone Auditorium, Athlone, on Sunday September 3.

Joshua January, 40, from Lentegeur, Peter Abrahams, 41, from Tafelsig and Zacharael Samuels, 31, from Lavender Hill founded the choir in March.

They initially started as The Mitchell’s Plain Choir but as the choir filled with singers from all over the cith, including Belhar, Retreat, Hanover Park and Lotus River, the changed the name.

Mr January, a lifelong music enthusiast, said there is a lack of opportunities for local youth to showcase their talents, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I have been in music all my life, and I realized after Covid-19 that our young people don’t have a drive to display their talents and gifts,” said Mr January.

“I reached out to Peter, and we decided to establish the choir just to restore hope again in our young people. People are always focused on the bad that is happening and not the talent that we have in our communities,” he said. “The City Choir is more than just a choir; it’s a beacon of hope, creativity, and transformation for the youth of Mitchell’s Plain and beyond.“

The choir of 35 members are aged 15 to 47 and specialize in gospel and contemporary music, as well as poetry, dance, and drama performances.

“Anything that pertains to the arts and culture, we do. We perform music that uplifts, speaks to the soul, and influences in a positive way. We believe in the transformative power of the arts,” he said.

They’ve a commitment to inclusivity. Members come from diverse backgrounds, some having faced challenges such as substance abuse.

“We welcome anyone with a desire for singing because it is very difficult to break into the music industry if you are unfairly labelled,” he said. “The choir provides on-the-job vocal training, music lessons, and life coaching. They compose their own music and have plans to release original songs in the near future.”

Vocalist and member of the choir, Earl George said: “Joining the choir is life-altering and powerful. Every member in the group has their own challenges, but when we come together, it is like dynamite because everyone contributes a different vibe.”

The City Choir will be at the Christmas in the City event on Monday December 25 Christmas day at Cape Town City Hall.

For those interested in joining the choir contact them at 072 714 8700.