Thank you for searching for Bradley

Natalie Bent, Colorado Park

Sincere thanks to the Lentegeur Community Police Forum (CPF) executive, the neighbourhood watches of Woodlands and Highlands village, Colville (Colorado Park and London Village) Residents’ Association chairperson, Berenice Roberts, Lentegeur police station, the walking bus of Northwood Primary, community members and parishioners of the Church of Annunciation, who assisted with the search for the late Bradley Fredericks.

Hayley Miller, his sister, reported him missing on Monday July 9 and his body was found in a shallow grave, between the dunes, in Bergsig Street, about 2km from his Orpheus Crescent home, on Sunday July 22 (“Body of missing man found”, Plainsman, July 25).

Mr Fredericks reported a case, regarding stolen South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) cards, a bank card and R500 on Monday July 9.

On Monday July 16 I sent someone to look for him at home.

I contacted Lentegeur CPF deputy chairperson, Kaamillah Ismail, to enquire if she had heard of Mr Fredericks’s disappearance, which she knew.

Within 48 hours all relevant stakeholders participated in a search party and found the body in the dunes between Woodlands and Morgen’s Village.

We searched the bush in Woodlands and on Sunday July 22, we found and identified Mr Fredericks.

I had to identify him.

My condolences to the family of Mr Fredericks.