Thank you

Samantha Hendricks, Tafelsig

My story begins more than 15 years ago when I fell pregnant with my first child.

I was one of the first patients who visited the new surgery that opened up next to the cookie shop, which is how Dr Kajee, Dr Jattiem and Associates got their name, the Cookie Shop Doctors, to confirm my pregnancy.

Today, I am a mother of three children, I still take my whole family to them if we get sick because I have experienced over the years that they do their work with tender love and care and I trust them with my family.

Two years ago, I received news that if the condition I have is not treated, it could lead to cancer.

I was in a state of shock and did not say anything.

The woman doctor who attended to me said, “if you need to ask any questions, my door will be open.”

After a few days, I felt better and went back to see her.

She answered all of my questions and reassured me not to expect the worst but to take it one step at a time.

Although she could not fix me physically, she did wonders to me mentally.

My father was diagnosed with heart disease years ago and recently with prostate cancer – both diseases diagnosed by the Cookie Shop Doctors. Both diagnoses came as shocks.

They provide a quality service to the community even if it is not good news all the time. They will always say if the child does not improve, please bring him or her back without any charge.

Referral letters are given and they would even make the bookings themselves at the bigger hospitals for you.

They have a great receptionist.

Their services are affordable and for the quality of work they provide every time they see a patient is priceless.

Cookie Shop Doctors – thank you for doing your work with so much heart.

Rosaline Yon, Woodlands

On Saturday May 12 while on my way from Town Centre to Lentegeur, I forgot my bag in a Hanover Park taxi.

I got off at Begonia Close, Lentegeur, near Lentegeur police station. I remembered the taxi driver’s face and asked him about my bag

The driver remembered that the bag was there but said a Muslim lady had claimed it as hers.

I am only concerned about my personal documents, my bank cards and identity document (ID).

Whoever took it, please can you return it to the taxi office, in Town Centre. I will enquire about it in a few days.

You are welcome to call me on 084 379 1303.

I will appreciate it.