Thank you

G Derrick, Muizenberg

About 8km onto Baden Powell Drive my bike starting hiccupping so I used my GPS to locate the nearest garage. I was directed to take the Swartklip Road into Mitchell’s Plain to a garage around 5km away.

My bike finally came to a halt on the corner of Swartklip and Spine roads.

I approached some youngsters across the road for directions to the nearest garage. The GPS had directed me to a garage that was closed for renovations. One young man said that he would accompany me to the nearest garage in Mitchell’s Plain Town Centre, around 3km away. It was around 6pm when we got to the garage.

I withdrew some cash at the ATM and gave Wesley (also known as Warren) some cash for the petrol and I went into the shop to get something to drink. When I came out, Wesley had secured us a lift back to my bike with some of his friends.

We got in the car and off we went along Imperial Street toward Swartklip Road. At Swartklip Road, instead of turning right, toward my bike, they turned left. I asked why they were going in the opposite direction and was told that the driver wanted to first collect his wife.

In Maralize Crescent they stopped the vehicle. The guy in the front passenger seat turned to me and said: “You know that we are gangsters and we are now robbing you.” They stripped me of everything.

They told me to get out of the car so I got out and did not look back. I walked to Swartklip Road where I tried in vain to flag down someone to help. Many people just looked the other way, some just shook their heads as they passed.

Eventually three guys stopped about 300m down the road. I told them what had just happened and they very kindly took me to Mitchell’s Plain police station. I told the officer on duty what had happened and within 10 minutes I went with Captain Claasen, Constable Gertze and another constable, whose name I didn’t get, in search of the perpetrator(s).

We went to where we parked the bike and the youngsters informed the police that Wesley had already collected the motorcycle. Constable Gertze knows this Wesley and where he lives, so we went to his house in Tafelsig.

Wesley was not there but the sound of a bike could be heard close by.

We saw Wesley passing on the bike and he was apprehended on the corner of Spine Road and AZ Berman Drive. He dropped the bike and ran but he was caught and brought back to the van.

We then went to the police station where the police recovered both my cellphones, my bank card, all of the cash that Wesley had taken off my person as well as some of the cash that had been withdrawn from my account (R500). They recovered my house keys, my motorcycle keys and my helmet, all in Wesley’s possession.

Once all the paperwork had been concluded, the captain arranged an escort to accompany me to Baden Powell Drive and gave me his personal cellphone number in case I ran into any trouble.

I would like to thank the staff of Mitchell’s Plain police station for all of their assistance and compassion – if they had not reacted so quickly I would probably have lost my motorcycle for good and the perpetrator may have gotten away.