Telkom trouble

Ilse Haas, Bothasig

Regarding the story about Telkom’s service: what William Boltman experienced is not unique. I had the very same problem (“Tough time taking Telkom to task,” Off My Trolley, October 31).

No one is willing or capable in any one of the Telkom stores to help. They keep on saying problems have to be solved via the internet. Only the internet is not quite clear. And in any case, not everyone is computer literate and some prefer to speak to someone.

I cancelled my ADSL with them and was to be contacted about it. Nothing so far.

I can only hope they do not mess up with my next telephone accounts.

Steven F Carolus, Crawford

This is a thank you email to Brian Joss and Telkom. I find community newspapers a wonderful source of stories of inspirational people in our local communities. I always advise activists to do a community audit.

I had read the complaints about Telkom service and sent a copy of your article along with my complaint. Suffice to say, the problem (return and credit of a phone) was resolved in a day.

Without going into to detail, I would like to thank all of you and especially Thamsanq Sikalala of Telkom.