Teacher needs help

The derelict park in Tafelsig.

Ellen Fedele, Plumstead

I am a teacher and live in Plumstead but recently started teaching in a substitute post in Tafelsig.

I saw a derelict park opposite my school that I want to transform with the help of the community and the City council and to this end, I am respectfully requesting various companies from garden centres to the City council to help me reach my goal.

This piece of land, once a park with swings – one jungle gym remains – is now used as a dumping site. It’s horrific.

I was hoping to plant grass, trees, get donations of playground equipment and fencing and maybe even a vegetable patch for the community to get involved in, to make it their own, in which to have pride.

I have included a picture I took before school yesterday. I would really appreciate advice and help with this. I would really appreciate residents’ knowledge of local suppliers (for plants, stone benches and so on) with this potential project.

I am hoping to reach out to Cape Town residents in general via radio and social media and have contacted the ward councillor for the area for guidance as well.

If you can help, call me on 078 203 7510 or email me at ellen76seven@gmail.com