Taking back their street

Residents wanted to create an atmosphere where the children could feel safe while playing outside.

Residents in Varing Street, Lentegeur, held a Festive Summer Night Market, every evening, from Saturday December 23 until Saturday January 6. The market featured several stalls, car shows, spinning and soccer tournaments. It was organised by resident Jasmine Holtman and attracted hundreds of people from all over Mitchell’s Plain.

“The community were scared to come out,” Ms Holtman said, explaining that the drug activity in the area had been causing people to isolate themselves from their neighbours.

“There’s a drug den up there at …”, Ms Holtman said, identifying the house by its number. “The guards think they rule here,”she continued, referring to the drug runners. “But we want to enjoy our festive season and we want our children to be able to play outside.”