Tafelsig West B Block Watch receive two-way radios

From left, in front, are Bronwin Sabor, Patricia van Wyk, Jayden Gabriels, Avril Davids and Mark Wardle, and at the back is Hope van Dieman.

Tafelsig West B Block Watch members have received a donation of handheld transceivers from a Johannesburg technology company.

“Thank you to the company for sponsoring us so that we can operate with two-way radios. This helps make our task easier so that we can communicate with each other,” said Jayden Gabriels, deputy coordinator..

They would like the safety structures to be seen in their area and communicate with them, he said. They’re calling on these safety structures to continue to assist them in fighting crime and assisting with resources.

For more information contact Patricia van Wyk coordinator on 061 423 9862 or Jayden Gabriels deputy coordinator on 060 812 4070.