Tafelsig organisation celebrates Youth Day

From left Farouk Davids, Farouk Bailey, Janet Kannemeyer, Lillian Samuels, Christopher Spaniel, Thelma Davids, Melvin Geduld, and in front is Naziebooniza Simpson.

Non-profit Simpsons Reaching Out to the Needy from Tafelsig celebrated Youth Day last Thursday, June 16.

Their winners of the modelling competition, from left, first princess, Jade Jonathan, queen, Nickelar Julies, second princess, Maliekah Roberts and Miss Personality, Meagan Clark.

They thanked all sponsors for making the day special for Tafelsig youth, starting with Y2K Sporting FC, Mitchell’s Plain Opposing Abuse Network, Alnur Community Upliftment, Avontuur Cleaning services, Igdienshirathal Mustaqeem Islamic Training and Development Centre (IMITD Centre) and all of the community who also contributed.

Simpsons Reaching out to the Needy secretary Thelma Davids giving the youth sanitary towels sponsored by Tiffany Avontuur from Avontuur cleaning services.

“It was a huge success and the youth enjoyed themselves as well as the adults,” said chairperson, Shenaas Naziebooniza.

Contact Ms Naziebooniza 084 420 2394 or Thelma at 074 804 7490 for more information about the organisation.