Tafelsig heads to the polls

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Tafelsig residents are gearing up to vote in the upcoming by-election for Ward 82 in two weeks’ time.

They will make their mark on Wednesday November 13. The by-election follows the death of Tafelsig councillor Sheval Arendse, who died exactly three months, to the date of voting (“Councillor dies”, Plainsman, August 21).

The Plainsman spoke to a few residents who say voters should be clued up on who they are voting for and what they would like to see happen in the area.

Megin Kennedy, from New Tafelsig, said the community needed unbiased leadership. “No favouritism, they should not only support certain projects and programmes that their friends are working on,” she said.

Ms Kennedy said there was a lot going on in the ward and that the successful candidate would have to address the abject poverty in the area.

“Tafelsig is very big. It stretches from Kapteinsklip train station all the way to Lost City.”

She said activities were needed to keep children off the streets and away from joining gangs.

Ms Kennedy said at least a child from each household in Tafelsig should be taken by the hand and cared for.

Sulyman Stellenboom, from Mitchell’s Village, said candidates should know what the “bread and butter” issues were in the area.

He pledged his support to campaign with any candidate who had the community’s needs at heart.

“I Sulyman Stellenboom will go campaign with you,” he said.

Mr Stellenboom said while the DA leads provincial and local government, the candidate needed to put the needs of the community first.

“We have a major housing problem, like those people living at Kapteinsklip train station.

“We are fighting high water bills. My house has become an advice office because they (residents) are complaining about their municipal bills. We are not getting our moneys worth when it comes to electricity and residents don’t know this.”

He said voters should make their cross next to the candidate who understands their problems and can help find solutions.

Asa Ariefdien, from Searidge Park, hopes that candidates would follow through with the promises they have made leading up to the by-election.

“I will be voting to see a difference in our area here. The community here needs a lot of help. Our children need a safe place to play. We need to keep children off the road. There must be activities for the children,” she said.

She said there should be job creation to prevent people from standing on the corners and “drugging”.

She also appealed for a feeding scheme.

Courtney Sampson, provincial electoral officer for the Electoral Commission of South Africa (previously the Independent Electoral Commission), said 15 943 residents are registered to vote next month. According to the 2011 census, the area has a population of 41 383.

All voters who reside in Ward 82 had to be registered before 5pm on Friday October 11 .

In the 2016 municipal elections there were 16 602 registered voters but only about 60% of them cast their vote.

Mr Sampson said voters must bring their identity document (ID); that is either their green bar-coded ID book, smartcard or valid temporary identity certificate (TIC).

They should check their status inside the voting station, not at the party tables.

Voters requiring assistance must not hesitate to say so, and will be assisted by the presiding officer in the presence of party agents.

Voting stations will be open from 7am until 7pm at Tafelsig Primary School, in Olifantshoek Street; Huguenot Primary School, in Huguenot Avenue; New Tafelsig community centre, on the corner of Dolomite Road and Kilimanjaro Street; Nelson Mandela Youth and Family Centre, on the corner of Kilimanjaro and Pyreness streets; Yellowwood Primary School, on the corner of Yellowwood and Skeleton roads; and Cascade Primary School, on the corner of Cascade and Sandriver

The following candidates have been certified to contest the by-election on November 13:

Grant Jeremy Classen is representing the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP);

Marie Jeanette Olifant is representing the African National Congress (ANC);

Phila van der Heever is representing the Cape Party or Kaapse Party;

Washiela Harris is representing the Democratic Alliance (DA);

Sandra Shirley Poleman is representing the Democratic Independent Party;

Daniel Peter Petersen is representing the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF);

Paul Anthony Daniels is representing the Good Party; and

Chester Arendse, Jaques Brinkhuys and Mogamat Sedick Gabier are independent candidates, who had to obtain at least 50 registered voters’ signatures.

All the candidates’ documents were due at the Electoral Commission of South Africa’s office on Monday October 21.

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