Tafelsig community takes part in prayer gathering

About 12 pastors gathered during the time designated for outdoor exercise, to pray for the country, homes, and communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

People from Tafelsig gathered together during the time designated for outdoor exercise to pray on Ascension Day last Thursday.

They regularly gather to pray along AZ Berman Street in the Tafelsig area, with everyone required to wear a mask and ensure that they maintain the required physical distance from each other.

On Thursday May 21, PR councillor for the ACDP and pastor Grant Classen told the Plainsman it was not a protest or a march but that people were exercising prayer – which they did every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

“Police have made their way to us before, but we are so organised that they do not even need to come out to control what we are doing,” he said, adding that they remained conscious of staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic while praying. They’ve also been assisted by members of the walking bus initiative in Tafelsig.

“People are crying out for churches to open, it should be part of the essential services. Government shouldn’t fight this fight alone, we can help,” Mr Classen added.

During last Thursday’s prayer walk, Mr Classen was simultaneously logged onto Zoom, connecting with other pastors and leaders who had gathered with their communities to pray during the designated exercise period.

Pastor at Eternal House of Worship in Tafelsig, Dino Naidoo, said using the time to exercise their spiritual needs was important.

“We are praying ourselves through this pandemic, and we are grateful that we get to gather together as the church to unite in prayer,” he said.

Pastor at Ten Commandments of God Church in Tafelsig, Nathan Aranjo, said they would like the church to open at this difficult time.

“Many people think there is no hope, but there is hope. We should remain united,” he said.

Tafelsig community worker Priscilla Keet said they were praying for the nation.

“Everything is not normal as what we remembered it to be, but we should remain united in prayer, as people within our country,” she said.