Tafelsig bush dweller badly burned

A man, who had been living Tafelsig bushes for more than 20 years was admitted to the male surgical ward at Mitchell’s Plain District Hospital.

Gideon Titus, 60, who has been living the bushes of Tafelsig, has been admitted to hospital.

Gideon Titus, 60, met the Plainsman on Thursday July 1 regarding law enforcement preventing backyarders from squatting on City of Cape Town-owned land (“Tafelsig land invasion case headed for court”, Plainsman, July 7).

Last week the backyarders distributed blankets and discovered that Mr Titus had been badly burned.

Gideon Titus, 60, found lying next to his shack.

Monique Johnstone, provincial health department spokeswoman, said they were waiting on an update on his condition.

Freedom Park community worker Herman Bartie said they were looking for the family of Mr Titus.

For more information or to help, call Mr Bartie on 079 135 5478.