Suspects questioned about Angus Way murder

No arrests have yet been made in connection with the murder of Kim-Joy Arnold but suspects have been taken in for questioning.

This was confirmed by Mitchell’s Plain police spokeswoman, Sergeant Zandi Langa.

Meanwhile, on Saturday July 23, residents took to the street in protest to express their anger about the murder, and their frustration about the ongoing criminal incidents at 44 Angus Way, Westridge where Ms Arnold was killed.

They want the house demolished; or cleaned-up and made available to the neighbourhood watch.

Resident, Gail Brink, said the protest had been called by the Duneside community to mobilise the people of the area. People had been struggling to have the house demolished for more than 12 years, she said.

“I’m very angry at this situation. There were a few people injured in that house,” said Ms Brink.

“They make use of drugs as well as prostitution, to name a few. Promises cannot be made if there is no commitment to stick to those promises. Nothing has been done yet. How many lives should be lost in that house? When will this end?”

Councillor for Ward 81, Ashley Potts said they were appealing to the City’s Problem Building Unit to take action.

Ward 81 councillor Ashley Potts said they had a community protest in Angus way on Saturday July 23.
Two weeks ago the body of Kim-Joy Arnold, 35, who had been bludgeoned to death with a brick, was found in the street after she was viciously attacked at an alleged drug house.

“The protest on Saturday July 23 in Angus Way was to have the City meet their demands because of crime and the health state,” said Mr Potts.

“It needs to be cleaned, but also demolished as well as closing off the place entirely. They again also requested for me and the City of Cape Town to consider handing the derelict space over to the local neighbourhood watch to use as a safe place to help people in the community. They were emotional on this appeal and unanimous on their cry about the situation,” he said.

“I submitted these demands to the Housing Unit, sub-council and Problem Building Unit,” he said.

On Monday July 25 Mr Potts met with all responsible line departments to start the process of getting approval to demolish the structure and get the Solid Waste department to clean the property – which may not be approved as it’s a privately-owned residence.

Mr Potts said he should be in a position to provide feedback by tomorrow, Thursday July 28.

Anyone with information about Ms Arnold’s murder is asked to call investigation officer Detective Sergeant Errol Bedford of Mitchell’s Plain SAPS on 021 370 1658.