Suspect in Baden Powell collision case still not arrested

Deceased family members from left are, Yolande Geduldt, 51, and Kurt-Lee Carolus, 30, who died of the impact and 4-year-old Taralee Carolus, top right corner, who sustained critical injuries and was rushed to hospital under advanced life support interventions for urgent medical care. Unfortunately, shortly after arriving at the hospital, the little girl was declared dead.

The family of the three people who died after a fatal collision on Baden Powell Drive between a car and a bakkie said they want justice for their deceased relatives and the person responsible for the collision to be brought to book.

In an interview with the Plainsman, Lauren Carolus, 29, who lost her daughter, husband and mother in the collision, said they want justice for their loved ones (“Three people killed in Baden Powell Drive collision”, Plainsman, October 27).

“We really want the suspect to be brought to book and a thorough investigation into this case to take place,” said Ms Carolus.

Yolande Geduldt, 51, and Kurt-Lee Carolus, 30, died of the impact at the scene while 4-year-old Taralee Carolus sustained critical injuries and was rushed to hospital under advanced life support interventions for urgent medical care. Unfortunately, shortly after arriving at the hospital she was declared dead.

The three of them were occupants in a white Peugeot which was parked along the yellow lane in the road when an Isuzu KB300 bakkie collided with the Peugeot.

Luke Geduldt, 20, who was also an occupant of the Peugeot, survived the horror crash.

Ms Carolus, who broke her pelvic bones in two places and her youngest daughter, 6-month old Taliyah, survived. A heartbroken Ms Carolus said she is still traumatised by the collision which irrevocably changed their lives and Taliyah is not sleeping well.

Luke said he remembered that his mother pushed him out of the way to save his life.

The six family members were travelling from Belgravia after looking at a house to possibly move to. They drove down Strandfontein Road and took a left on Baden Powell Drive, heading in the direction of Mitchell’s Plain.

They stopped the car on the side of the road in the yellow lane, on the bridge on Baden Powell Drive as the car ran out of fuel.

Mr Carolus, who drove the car, wanted to get to the nearest petrol station to buy fuel. He got out of the driver’s seat and opened up the boot to take a petrol container out – at this stage Ms Geduldt and Luke also got out of the car. Ms Carolus, Taralee and Taliyah were inside the car.

Ms Carolus said a bakkie suddenly rammed into their car from behind and crushed Mr Carolus between the two vehicles – he was stuck to the bakkie’s chassis and dragged on the surface of the road for about 30 meters, she said.

Her mother, who was standing at the rear passenger side of the car, was also hit and fell to the ground, but before the car hit her, she managed to push Luke out of the way, thereby saving his life.

“I could hear my mother call out before she took her last breath… I was trapped inside the car on the backseat and discovered that Taralee sustained a serious head injury as blood was pouring out of her ears, nose and mouth. I held her in my arms and could feel her heartbeat the entire time as she was trapped underneath me,” recounted Ms Carolus.

The paramedics arrived and they removed Taralee from Ms Carolus’ hand using the jaws of life. Taralee was transported together with Taliyah via ambulance to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

There was too much swelling on the brain and on the way to the hospital, Taralee’s heart rate started to drop and she was declared dead on arrival, said Ms Carolus.

Luke and Ms Carolus were taken to Mitchell’s Plain District Hospital with serious bone fractures. Luke was discharged the same evening and Ms Carolus was discharged four days later.

Dwayne Evans, communications officer for Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital confirmed that both patients, Taralee and Taliyah, were treated at the hospital on Saturday October 23.

Mr Evans said Taralee succumbed to her injuries en-route to the hospital. “Our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Taralee,” he said.

“We urge all motorists and road users to be vigilant and follow the rules of the road. As we enter the festive season we need to take extra caution to avoid such tragedies,” said Mr Evans.

A family friend, who didn’t want to be named, got to the scene after the incident and said she tended to Ms Carolus and Taralee. “To see this accident occur was a lot to deal with – all we wanted was for everyone to be safe,” she said.

Ms Carolus said even though the ambulance depot and police station is three minutes away, it took the police 20 minutes before they arrived on the scene and the emergency medical services (EMS) 40 minutes.

“Hearing the news of my family’s passing was devastating, and I don’t wish this upon anyone. One doesn’t expect this kind of thing to happen to you or your family. All we ask is that SAPS do their jobs and that they show complete transparency and impartiality,” she said.

The funerals were held on Saturday November 6 at Blomvlei Baptist Church in Lansdowne.

Taralee had a blue coffin, it was her favourite colour and it represented both the sky, the sea and is associated with freedom, imagination,and sincerity, her mom explained.

Mitchell’s Plain SAPS spokesperson, Sergeant Zandi Langa, said the 35-year-old suspect in this case has not been arrested. “The driver is not arrested and was issued with a warning statement by the investigating officer.

“The investigating officer is waiting for the court to give directive to arrest the perpetrator. The suspect will be charged as soon as the investigation is completed,” said Sergeant Langa.

According to the investigating officer the driver was not suspected of any alcohol consumption.

If you have any information on this collision, contact Detective-Sergeant Momelezi Mvimbi on 021 370 1752.