Support for seniors

Mitchell’s Plain senior clubs share their challenges.

A Mitchell’s Plain civic association hosted a meeting to lend support to, and inform senior citizens how they could better access health services, pension grants and share skills.

Mitchell’s Plain United Residents’ Association (MURA) members Arthur Pillay and Danny Rass hosted the meeting which was held at Hazeldene Sports Field, in Portland, on Wednesday July 20, and attened by representatives of various seniors’ clubs.

Mitchell’s Plain United Seniors’ Foundation’s Arthur Pillay.

Mr Pillay said they would like to communicate to representatives of the community police forum (CPF) sectors.

“This does not replace the seniors’ clubs but rather we wish to support the clubs, the elderly and the frail,” he said.

They want to get the structure right and to formally engage with local, provincial government and business partners.

“Many seniors don’t have breakfast or money to get to the day hospital and everywhere they go they have the queue,” said Mr Pillay

Mr Rass, founder and co-ordinator of the Western Province Elderly and Disabled Foundation, said there were frail seniors citizens who were unable to walk out of their homes.

“We want them to look for and share the benefits for the elderly and the disabled,” he said.

For more information, call Danny Rass on 064 791 2653 or Arthur Pillay on 071 415 2511.