Sub-forum meeting

Captain Trevor Katzen, and Beacon Valley sub-forum are Thomas Porthen, Adam van Wyk, Veronica Cloete and Lynn Groenewald.

Beacon Valley sub-forum held their monthly meeting to speak about issues affecting the community, among which was recent incidents of vandalism at Alpine Primary School (“Vandalism halts schooling at Alpine Primary”, Plainsman, January 29). “It is important that our parents support one another. There were many people who gave solutions to the vandalised toilets but realistically had to come up with a solution,” said Adam van Wyk, chairperson of the sub-forum. He said there was still an issue with traffic around the school and behind it, where the fence is being fixed. They are working with the school in this regard, he added. The sub-forum will be hosting an imbizo on Saturday May 9 at Oval North Technical High School from 9am to noon. For more information, contact the assistant secretary Lynn Groenewald at 074 432 0632.