Sub-council monthly meetings go virtual

Third from left is the newly appointed Wolfgat Sub-council chairman Solomon Philander, and councillor for Ward 79. With him, from left, are Oscar Solomons, Peter Helfrich, both DA proportional representation (PR) councillors and Danny Christians, councillor for Ward 81.

Wolfgat Sub-council has adapted their meetings to streamline monthly virtual meetings and ensure speedy service delivery.

They resumed their monthly meetings via Skype on Thursday June 18 in line with national Covid-19 lockdown regulations.

The last in-person monthly meeting was held in February, which led to most matters on the agenda to be noted.

Solomon Philander, sub-council chairman and councillor for Ward 79 (Beacon Valley, Eastridge, Mitchell’s Plain CBD and parts of Portland), said it was unacceptable that certain service delivery queries, including the installation of water management devices, blocked sewers, non-removal of refuse and bin repairs, were outstanding for several days.

He proposed that councillors list these queries and that during “activity days” they have municipal officials explain their processes and why it took time to resolve.

Mr Philander also proposed that officials be allotted time slots to ensure no one’s time is wasted.

During his chairman address, councillors observed a moment of silence for those affected and infected by Covid-19.

He said the advent of the lockdown had resulted in an increase of domestic violence and asked his colleagues to consistently raise awareness regarding gender-based violence throughout the year.

“I implore all councillors to drive around in their community and record C3 notifications (a system to record, track and report service complaints and requests from the public) to ensure all services are up and running,” he said.

DA proportional representative (PR) councillor Oscar Solomons agreed and said he would visit organisations, which had received grant-in-aid funds to the tune of R560 000.

Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre, in collaboration with Mitchell’s Plain-based youth mentorship project, DAD (Decision Affects Destinies), received R280 000; the Blaqpearl Foundation, in Portland, which teaches young people arts, life skills, literature, sport to entrepreneurship and non-violence as a means of expression, received R60 000; and Mizpah Educare Centre, in Beacon Valley, aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles for both parents and children, received

R220 000 – to be spent between July 1 this year and June 30 next year.

Sub-council 23, also based at the Lentegeur administrative office, had a Skype meeting on Wednesday June 23.

Elton Jansen, sub-council chairman and councillor for Ward 43 (Strandfontein and parts of Philippi), said he would like to attend a meeting with community-based teams (CBT), including residents, to assist in raising awareness about Covid-19 and precautions in hot spots.

“I also want to ensure that those working in the community are taken care of and have the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE),” he said.

Tafelsig and the Town Centre have also been flagged and community workers will be assessing the needs of street people living in the central business district and visiting 35 feeding schemes in the community.

Mr Philander said they would ensure that everyone wears a mask, observes physical distance and practices hygiene.