Street light needed on Baden Powell Drive

Police move the bodies of a couple, who were found at the S-bend at Mnandi.

Mitchell’s Plain and Strandfontein community safety structures have urged residents not to venture out at night close to Baden Powell Drive, where three bodies were found, in two separate incidents at the weekend.

Both community police forums (CPFs) want functioning street lights and police visibility along Baden Powell Drive, where the bodies of a couple was found at the S-bend at Mnandi Beach at about 7.15am on Saturday July 23.

Both had gunshots wounds and were covered with white sheets.

“The victims were declared deceased on the scene by the medical personnel,” said SAPS Western Cape media centre spokesman Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi.

He said the suspects fled the scene and that no one has been arrested.

“The motive for the attack is unknown,” he said.

Mitchells Plain police is investigating two counts of murder.

The third body was found opposite Wolfgat Nature Reserve on Sunday July 24 at 8am.

Anyone with information are urged to call Crime Stop on 086 001 0111.

Mitchell’s Plain CPF chairman Norman Jantjes said they were concerned but not surprised at the latests gruesome murders in the coastal area.

“We urge community members not to venture out in this area at night and not alone after dark,” he said.

They have asked SAPS and the City of Cape Town’s law enforcement agencies to increase visibility in this area.

“We also urge the City to fast track the installation of CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras with number plate recognition technology in this area,” he said.

Mr Jantjes expressed their deepest condolences to the loved ones of the deceased.

Keith Alfred Adolph Blake, angler and avid letter writer, wrote an open letter to local and provincial government leaders and officials to shed some light on the “deadly dark dangerous Baden Powell drive issue” which has been ignored.

This main road links Muizenberg and Macassar and is bordered on either side with protected sand dunes and thick vegetation.

He said during the day this road was a paradise to drive “almost heavenly, a safe busy road for road users and persons visiting hidden coastal braai and fishing spots”.

“At night it becomes a hell with all of the evils of society to use to their benefit to launch barbaric, vicious traps on this now totally dark road,” he said.

Mr Blake said the road is an almost no go area but it is a public road and that many citizens were forced to travel this highway in darkness.

On Monday July 25 community safety volunteers collected illegal logs and rocks in the middle of the road, which motorists could not see at night.

“This could cause death, serious injury and survivors to fall further prey to robberies or assault by criminals close at hand,” he said.

Mr Blake said in 2020 former mayor Dan Plato had promised lighting but nothing had been installed.

“Lights would keep criminals away. Lights add safety and vision to law enforcement agencies to patrol with confidence and a feeling of safety.”

He asked whether there should first be a fatality before something is done.

“Total darkness is also a cover for illegal dumping, which once again will upset the natural balance of the coastline’s ecosystem,” he said.

The speedy installation of lights would secure the construction site for the upgrade of Broken Road on Strandfontein beach on September 1.

Strandfontein CPF chairperson Sandy Schuter said there were no lights at known spots where bodies were dumped.

Lights were only installed at the pavilion.

“We have been asking and lobbying for lights on Lukannon Drive and Baden Powell, between Mitchell’s Plain and Strandfontein, especially where they know bodies are dumped,” she said.

Police officers at Mnandi beach where the bodies of a couple were found.
  • Lentegeur police have opened an inquest docket after the body of a man, 55, was found on AZ Berman Drive, close to Lentegeur High School, on Wednesday July 20 at 6.40pm.

Constable Felicia Adams, police station spokesperson, said members of the community called the police and that the cause of death had not been established.