Strandfontein author releases second book

Author and teacher released his second book called Daily Drives: Plain to Al Ain.

His drive through the desert to school inspired him to write a second book. So says teacher and author, Nigel Sims, who recently published his second book called Daily Drives: Plain to Al Ain.

This latest work, launched at his Strandfontein home on July 27, follows Mr Sims’ first book, Plain Life (“Author releases fictional tale of self-discovery”, Plainsman, September 9, 2020).

The Strandfontein resident is a teacher in Abu Dhabi’s Al Ain City. Every day he would ride the bus through the desert to get to the school he teaches at. But he would often fall asleep on the one-hour ride, and decided he’d rather use his time more constructively.

“I thought, I should do something useful with my time on the bus. Some of my colleagues from South Africa and all over the world would be on the bus with me. We would talk for about 15 minutes and then we’d all go quiet. That was us all falling asleep,” he said.

He would listen to the conversations of his colleagues and jot them down, translating them into life lessons, bringing the reader into the conversations on the bus, said Mr Sims.

He started his blog in May 2018, sharing these life lessons until August 2020.

“We can do anything we put our minds to. I knew I could do this again. This book really seeks to inspire and be a driving mechanism especially during this time. It is fun, inspiring and motivating. I hope you enjoy this one,” said Mr Sims.

Mr Sims’ book can be found at Kwikspar in Grassy Park, Groote Schuur, Strandfontein and Ottery.