Stolen cable recovered

Stolen copper cables recovered in Mitchell's Plain. Picture: Supplied

Two people were arrested after they were found in possession of stolen copper cables in Mitchell’s Plain yesterday.

Law enforcement officers, who we patrolling the area, came across a man and a woman with around 55 meters of contact cable and overheard copper cable with an estimated value of R50 000.

Law enforcement spokesperson, Wayne Dyason, said: “One male and one female were arrested and charged under the Criminal Matters Amendment Act.”

Whilst the police were processing the arrests, they received a tip-off of possible stolen copper cable being moved from a house.

The officers followed up and found five suspects carrying overhead copper cable from a house.

Mr Dyason said,”The suspects fled on foot but officers managed to apprehend one of them.”

Copper cable forming part of railway infrastructure was recovered.

The suspect was taken to the Mitchell’s Plain police station.