Spreading the gospel cheer

Brenda Noach, 67, is celebrating 43 years of her ministry this year.

Brenda Noach is celebrating 43 years of spreading the gospel and empowering others.

Ms Noach, who was born and raised in Wynberg, is the founder of a number of initiatives in South Africa and America, including the Everlasting Covenant Kingdom Ministries, Souls Outreach Church of God in Christ in Westridge.

She has donned many hats in her life, as a nurse, a teacher, principal, administrator, real estate principal, insurance agent, singer and a moderator of ministries.

Ms Noach, 67, comes from a family of 10 siblings. She was the youngest daughter of the late Reverend Benjamin J Noach and Maria Gomaz Noach. Her family were moved to Steenberg under apartheid’s Group Areas Act.

She started her young life as a nurse but later had to choose between medicine and theology.

Ms Noach later studied at Chaldo Bible College in Wynberg and credits this for paving the way for her many successes.

She lived and worked with her aunt and uncle Louise and Charles Phillips who were employed by Dr Immanuel Samuels, owner and founder of Palmerston Primary and moderator of Wynberg Congregational Church, and Sarah Samuels.

“In my young days they inspired me to do what I could and work hard for what I want. I was young and inquisitive, I knew I would make it in life,” she said.

Other organisations founded by Ms Noach in South Africa are Kingdom Seminary for Pastoral Training and Afrikane Renaissance for Khoisan language and culture awareness. The Dr Brenda Noach Schools and the Southeastern Wisconsin GED Centre are among those created in America and the Everlasting Covenant Kingdom Ministries acts as the umbrella for all her organisations.

She owns a small holding in Westridge, which consists of a church, school and parsonage. “The purpose of my organisations and this building in Westridge, is to advocate theology and leadership. I know there is a need here, to add value to the Mitchell’s Plain community and develop great leadership. I work very closely with my leaders in Mitchell’s Plain,” she said.

Ms Noach does not work at her organisation in Mitchell’s Plain directly but allows the leaders to manage it. She lives in Muizenberg when she is in South Africa and in Wisconsin when in America.

“I want to share what I have learned and achieved with the world, sharing what God has given me. I live to teach and help humanity. Theology is sometimes seen as a ministry for men, although it came with all its challenges I managed to rise above all odds. I was 23 when I was called to ministry and I gave up my life then to do that. When you are called and commissioned, you need to make sacrifices. I have travelled to five continents, making preparation to go to the other two since my commission is global to preach the gospel to all nations. Sharing my experiences with people and empowering them is what I plan to do,” she said.

She said it feels like she started her 43 years in ministry yesterday. For more information contact Brenda Noach at professornoach@yahoo.com