Spotlight on reckless drivers

Traffic officials check for driver’s licence and vehicle registration.

An Eastridge woman wants parents to take responsibility for their under-aged children who drive illegally.

Monica Jacobs’ plea comes after her son, 7, two grandchildren, 3 and 4, and another child, survived a minor collision. A 16-year-old girl was behind the wheel of the car that hit them in Emery Street Eastridge on Saturday January 7.

Pictured in the middle is Elizeh Jacobs, 7, who pulled his niece Fatima Abrahams, 3, and nephew Jean-Pierre Morris, 4, out of harm’s way when an unlicenced teen motorist jumped the pavement.

Ms Jacobs said the children were on their way to the shop just after 2pm when a car came and hit them.

Her son Elizeh told her that he had to pull his niece and nephew out of harm’s way.

“Thankfully they were not injured, just the little one had a nosebleed. No broken bones. It could have been a lot worse,” she said.

The children were taken to Mitchell’s Plain Community Health Centre (CHC) in Eastridge, by ambulance and were treated for a few minor scratches and bruises.

“I need her (the teen’s) parents to be held accountable for allowing her behind the wheel. She does not have a licence and there was no licensed driver with her in the car. You are responsible for this. It could have been a lot worse,” she said.

Shimoney Regter, Western Cape Government department of health spokesperson, confirmed that two patients were treated minor injuries at the CHC.

“The patients received treatment at the CHC and were discharged on the same day,” she said.

On Sunday January 15 Mitchell’s Plain activists and family members of those who had lost loved ones to speeding motorists will be raising road safety awareness at the corner of Figaro, Sixth Avenue and AZ Berman Drive between 3 and 4pm .

This is the same spot where Natasha Salmons, 40, from Eastridge, was run over on Sunday November 20 and where Mikayla Scholtz, 13, from Grassy Park was killed on impact on Monday January 2.

Natasha Salmons, 40, from Eastridge, was run over on AZ Berman Drive on Sunday November 20.

Ms Salmons’s best friend Laetitia St Clair told the Plainsman on Monday January 9 the teen lay in the same spot as her sister lay less than two-months before.

“We are calling on residents to join us in creating awareness about road safety for our community, our children, ourselves and to honour every person who lost their lives on AZ Berman Drive.

Two separate cases of culpable homicide are being investigated by police.

Solomon Philander, councillor for Ward 116 including Eastridge and Beacon Valley, encouraged residents to add their voices to the call for AZ Berman Drive to be more pedestrian-friendly.

Mr Philander said an engineer’s report was submitted to Sub-council 12 explaining that a speed hump was not feasible in 2012.

“I have submitted a request for robots and it is being assessed. I appreciate the community’s voice and would like them to understand the process to be followed and to put more pressure on the council,” he said.

For more information call Ms St Clair on 072 010 9126 or via WhatsApp on 076 414 9199.