Spotlight on men in society

Different organisations gathered at the Mitchells Plain Community Health Centre for their Men Matters Campaign on Wednesday November 21.

At the Men Matters campaign, Mitchell’s Plain residents gathered last week to put the spotlight on the role of men in society.

The launch of the one-month campaign took place at Mitchell’s Plain Community Health Centre on Wednesday November 21.

Alvina Spike, co-ordinator and team leader for Cape Flats YMCA, said: “We want to bring men back to a place to remind them that they are absent, they need to take their place in society. They should make the effort to get themselves tested for HIV and take care of their health.”

Amarnullah Salasa, 59, from Westgate, added: “As men we have a responsibility to women. Men should carry out their responsibilities in their homes and in their lives. I do not respect men who do not do this. Look past all your pain but still carry out your duties, no matter what.”

Operational manager of the Mitchell’s Plain Network Opposing Abuse, Mareldea Sonday, said: “It’s important for us to raise awareness on gender-based violence. We want to let men know that they do matter. They should take their place in society. The absent fathers do affect households.”

Sharing his story, David Sauls, 60, from Lentegeur, said: “My son was murdered. I raised my daughters on my own. They are both successful, the one a chef and the other a teacher.

“No one was around to assist me. I could have taken the wrong road but I did not. I fight my battles in my own way.”