Sporting treats

Woodlands United Football Club additional member Andre Marthinus, treasurer Shereen Roman, Grassroots Community Outreach sporting manager Adiel du Toit, chairman Adaam Jacobs, club chairman Brandon Fernandes and additional member Mario Weppener.

Woodlands children belonging to nine netball and soccer clubs participated in a tournament hosted by Grassroots Community Outreach on a field bordered by Eros Way, Hercules Road, Hermes Road and Mitchell’s Avenue in Woodlands on Saturday March 27.

Grassroots chairman Adaam Jacobs said they had been hard at work occupying the children with sport and cooking food.

“It is our intention to ensure that each household in Woodlands at least has something to eat,” he said.

He has roped in local sports clubs to help keep the children off the streets.

Mr Jacobs said Hungry Lion had donated chicken and brought along their ice cream machine to treat the 600 children on Saturday.

Cooks Gaironesha Mentoor, Zureidah Johnson, Shameekah Jacobs and her mother Shireen Bey.

Grassroots has been co-ordinating clubs, sponsors and members in their respective communities, in and around Mitchell’s Plain, to cook or donate food since the national Covid-19 lockdown started last year.

Shereen Roman, treasurer of Woodlands United Football Club, said all efforts to feed the community were appreciated.

“Many of the children come from single parent households, parents are unemployed or on drugs,” she said.

Spectators enjoy a netball match.

For more information and to donate call Mr Jacobs on 062 491 5570.