Spine Road High drumline and drilling squad competition

Spine Road High School's drill squad ready to complete.

Spine Road High School pupils, from six Grade 8 class groups, took part in their inaugural drumline and drilling squad competition on Saturday April 27.

It formed part of the school’s Freedom Day celebrations, which marked 25 years since the first democratic elections in 1994 following the end of apartheid.

Principal Mark Fairbairn said freedom did not come easy for many South Africans and that the competition took pupils back to learning discipline and being kept off the streets.

“This is for parents to get involved and for the pupils to see they can have good, clean fun, which they can enjoy with each other,” he said.

The school hopes that this will become an annual event and that it would be the instrument to find and develop talent for the school to participate in the annual Mitchell’s Plain SAPS’ Marching and Drilling competition.

The competition also forms part of the academic assessment for the Grade 8s’ physical education and training marks.