Spine Road explores the world of science


In an effort to promote science studies, Spine Road High held an expo last Saturday to encourage pupils to use science to solve problems.

The event was also attended by parents. “Our main objective is to promote science as career field in our community. And whatever we are doing in classrooms, we want them to display it here,” said science teacher Zulpha Shade.

She said the school will select the best pupils to attend an Eskom Expo that will be held at the University of Cape Town later this year.

“Whatever the learners are doing here, they will be monitored and selected according to their performances to attend Eskom Expo in August. It’s the first time we’re doing event like this at the school and we are intending to do it annually and invite other schools in our neighbouring areas to come onboard,” said Ms Shade.

“We want to promote science as a career field and also boost the learners’ self-esteem to show them that their backgrounds don’t determine their destinations,” she explained.

However, she said, resources remained a challenge, and urged business people to assist in this regard. “This is a maths and science school. Last year we (had a) 98 percent pass rate in science and about 88 precent of them got bachelor (passes). These children have brilliant ideas but we lack the resources. And we are appealing to business people to support us,” she said.

One of the parents who attended the event, Dawood Botha, said: “This is a very interesting event. It’s informative and benefiting the community at large. It also develops the minds of the learners and moulds them for the future.”

Steven Valetine also applauded the initiative and urged government to support schools in disadvantaged areas. “Government must put more money in disadvantaged schools (so that they can) buy resources,” he said.

Grade 10 pupil Mihle Kembele who did a presentation titled “Alternative Energy Solar Power” described the venue that they were in as a place of innovative ideas. “This is a great initiative intended to encourage learners to come up with their ideas. It’s very encouraging and informative because it allows us to think,” he said.

Grade 9 pupil Veronique Johnson said the event gave them a platform to experience more things that they didn’t know.