Speeding spurs traffic calming process

Eddie Andrews.

Westridge residents are fed up with motorists who speed in Dagbreek Avenue and are demanding that the City of Cape Town put more traffic calming measures in place.

Mayoral committee member for area south and councillor for Ward 78, Eddie Andrews held a meeting with residents at Dagbreek Avenue on Thursday September 28 to ascertain whether residents had noticed an improvement in driver behaviour in Dagbreek Avenue since the raised four-way stop was installed.

He added that residents had requested additional traffic calming measures in the road and had been concerned about the loud music played in the early hours of the morning by the pub in the area.

Gerald Christians, who has lived in the area for 40 years, said between midnight and 2am cars sped down the road.

“They have no consideration for the residents, and most of us living down or near the road are pensioners. It is very frustrating as, especially on weekends, noise levels rise and then the guys who come from the club drive dangerously on the road,” he said.

Leonard Lesar from Westridge said they needed more traffic calming measures as children and seniors often used the road and were at risk when motorists sped through the area.

“The guys drive like maniacs down this road and have no consideration for children and pensioners. We need the City to investigate, and see how they behave on this road, “ he said.

Another resident, who didn’t want to be named, said he used his bicycle to get around, but that speedsters made it impossible for him to cycle on Dagbreek Avenue.

“There is no proper space to cycle all the way down Dagbreek Avenue. And I have to fear when cycling because the cars come at a speed down the road. We hope that we get feedback on traffic calming measures,” he said.

Mr Andrews said the environmental health department will investigate the noise levels and engage the pub to remedy if there would be any contraventions.

Regarding the traffic calming measures, he said, a report would be tabled at the October sub-council meeting to request that the traffic engineering department investigate the feasibility of the traffic calming request for both Dagbreek Avenue, specifically at the section near Westridge High School, and Avocado Way, Westridge.

Mr Andrews said the residents have already signed a petition supporting the request and therefore need not to do anything at this stage.

Explaining the process involved in requesting speed humps, Mr Andrews said the road section needed to be identified before the request was submitted to the ward councillor who in turn would compile a report to be presented at the monthly sub-council meeting.

He said the report would substantiate the request to the traffic engineering department to investigate the request and confirm their findings to the ward councillor.

If traffic calming was recommended, the councillor may allocate funds from ward allocation or request the responsible line department to consider funding the project.

Generally ward allocation is considered as it’s available a lot sooner, he added.