Special honour for cub

Members of the 1st Rocklands Cubs.

A Rocklands cub scout received the highest award a cub can earn when he was given his Leaping Wolf badge on Tuesday February 25.

When he received his award, Zanté Hendricks, 11, became the first scout in the 1st Rocklands pack to have received it since the group was relaunched in January last year.

The award challenges every cub to complete the Gold Wolf Outdoor Challenge, plan and carry out a planting project, make aknottingdisplay showing all 10 required knots and undertake a personal challenge — all of which have to be recorded in a log book.

He also needed to find out about a technology of his choice and tackle a global issue, earn the first aid badge and any two interest badges.

To gain the Leaping Wolf badge, a cub must finish all the requirements before he or she turns 11.

His parents could help and advise, but he needed to do the work himself.

“Thishelped prepare me for the scout troop where I am expected to be independent. I am happy and proud of my award as I worked hard,” said Zanté.