Special celebration during lockdown

Courtney Roman celebrated her 21st birthday with her family during lockdown level 4, which prohibits people from gathering for celebrations.

Life under lockdown has forced people to stay at home, distance themselves physically from others – and find creative ways to mark significant milestones.

And this is exactly what Eastridge resident Courtney Roman, who turned 21 on Monday May 18, did when she celebrated her birthday at home with her family.

And staying at home didn’t stop her from dressing up for the occasion – or building a backdrop and photo corner where she took pictures with her family.

Other family members came by to wish her. But rather than the hugs and kisses which are usually a part of birthday celebrations, they only waved from afar before heading back home. She, unfortunately, couldn’t have any of her friends spend her special day with her.

“In the beginning it was not great knowing that I won’t be able to celebrate with my family and friends in one space. I wanted to have a normal 21st celebration this year,” she told the Plainsman.

But, “In the end I was okay with how my birthday turned out,” she added.

“What can I do about the current situation our country is facing? I had to accept it.” Courtney and her mom, Sandra Roman, 46, run an early childhood development (ECD) centre but are currently not operating due to the lockdown regulations, said Courtney.

Courtney graduated from the College of Cape Town with a certificate in ECD training, she is also currently a part-time student at Atvance Academy studying occupational health and safety.

“Everyone is unique and will handle their respective celebrations differently. It is after all just a memory but the meaning behind a celebration should be important to the person,” said Courtney.