Soup kitchen forges ahead

Audrey Kok, with Stanford and Lillian Welman.

A Woodlands soup kitchen is glad to continue serving hearty meals and lend a hand to their neighbours despite tough financial times.

Stanford Welman, chairman of Quinton Welman Soup Kitchen Community Foundation, told the Plainsman on Thursday January 23, that neighbours, who used to travel by bus to get to work, were now unemployed.

“It is like their pride had been taken away from their lives. Their children are destroying them with the use of drugs.

“They can’t warm food because the microwave has been stolen and the kettle is gone,” he said.

Mr Welman said they couldn’t save the world but would like to keep the children living nearby and in informal settlements from going to bed hungry.

“I’m not interested in money. You rather bless the project with whatever you’ve got and the community will benefit,” he said.

About 400 people, including pupils from the three primary schools and two high schools, and a homeless shelter in the area are fed every other week.

The foundation is named in honour of the legacy of Quinton Welman, Mr Welman’s son who was murdered in 2012. They started feeding people in that same year, just before Quinton died.

Food is served on the last three Thursdays of the month, except the first week in the month because residents collect their social grant money.

Mr Welman and his wife, Lillian, use their pension money to cook the food.

Mr Welman’s sister-in-law, Mary Trouncell, also helps to clean the vegetables and prepare the food.

Ms Welman said they did not give soup because it would require bread, which was costly.

“We prefer to give them hearty meals of samp and beans, dhal, lentils, and carrots and peas.”

She said the meat had to be halaal an they took any donation so no one went to bed hungry.

They need dry and tin foods, stationery, toys and toiletries.

“Together we can make their lives a bit easier and better; bring a smile to their faces,” said Mr Welman.

For more information and to donate, call Mr Welman at 084 887 1793.